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A Few Tips on Skin Care

Women For Natural Living December 3, 2012 No Comments on A Few Tips on Skin Care
A Few Tips on Skin Care

Skin care is not only about the latest trends in moisturizers, serums and oils, it’s also about connecting different aspects of our lives into an easy to follow program that leads to a motivating, rewarding and exciting lifestyle. Yes, a way of life that can bring blissful benefits.

We all have different skin types according to general consensus. Or is it according to dermatologists and cosmetic companies that advertise it that way? Or is it about the latest skin care trends and formulas to satisfy our need to seek choices when we enter our consumer world? I’m not sure. I have a belief when it comes to skin care. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what type of skin you have – I would think we want to adhere to the same principles, it’s essentially common sense.  Here are a few steps that make sense to me,

  1. Cleanse – We want to clean and exfoliate old skin cells
  2. Moisturize – Via oil and/or moisturizers to nourish skin
  3. Protect – From sun, ocean, wind and pollutants, to avoid extensive damage
  4. Hydrate – With lots of water to cleanse inside/out and to flush out toxins

We’ve all heard that fruits and vegetables are good for you, this is old news. The key is to consume organic fruits and vegetables, to eat the most natural and wholesome produce. Personally, I’ve experienced how organic fruits and vegetables affect my overall body not just my skin.  Whenever possible I select organic fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables carry nutrients that are richer than conventional produce.  Organic produce, doesn’t only feed me nutritionally but the benefits of these nutrients and antioxidants also enhance my skin, it gives my skin a youthful glow. I like to leave as many additives, pesticides and any man-made chemicals out of my food and of course exclude chemicals out of my body and skin. Organic consumption is a priority in my life as well as supporting my local farmer markets.

What else can I do to maintain young looking skin?

I have found that moving keeps me alive and in turn keeps me young. Whether it is partly psychological or partly physical, I feel it.  Making a commitment to a regular exercise program has a myriad of benefits, but I know from experience that it invigorates my skin and when I look in the mirror after my workout (whether it is walking, kickboxing or spinning) I see sparkles, I see a smooth face and I don’t see pronounced lines. It’s like I washed my face with a magical cleanser that tightened and renewed my skin cells! Again, the benefits of engaging in physical activity have been extremely helpful.

I think that in our current culture we forget about the simple things and practices. We sometimes are persuaded by the media and culture to focus on the latest trends and the most expensive skin care products. It seems like we tend to forget about the simple solutions and remedies of life – drink water, exercise, smile, be generous, use simple and natural ingredients like: unprocessed oils, fruit remedies, and natural processes. Man-made, genetically engineered ingredients are unnatural to me. I try to stick to minimally processed and natural/organic ingredients as much as possible.

I also believe that the cost of maintaining youthful, healthy skin should be reasonable and affordable to women coming from all walks of life. I see that the skin care/cosmetic industry has exploded with so many options, some reasonable but some very costly. Again my point is simply that, good quality skin care products should be available and monetarily accessible to all.

Moving your body through any form of aerobic exercise refreshes your body and spirit and literally every aspect of your mind.  Did you know that engaging in physical activity keeps you young? I’m not a scientist, sports therapist or medical doctor but I’m a witness of this fact.  After I work-out or go for a long walk or jog, I look at my face in the mirror and I notice a natural glow. I see rosy cheeks, diminished appearance of lines and closed pores. I feel relaxed, energized and youthful. So one of the key elements to staying young is to exercise.

Exercise means something different to you versus me, versus everyone else of course, but if you keep in mind the following guidelines, you will experience the benefits of exercising.  The main goal is to make a commitment to move, whether it’s a simple walk or a more involved workout plan at the gym.

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