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A Trick That Works For Me

Women For Natural Living February 25, 2013 No Comments on A Trick That Works For Me
A Trick That Works For Me

By Marcela Owen

Do you know that feeling when you go out to eat and eat too much? Or right after that scrumptious, Thanksgiving dinner when you feel extremely full? Well, I personally don’t like that feeling at all. I’m always seeking ways to avoid that feeling. So, I discovered that water or sparkling water, preferably with lemon, can most definitely help. When I know I’m going to have a bigger meal than usual or I’m going out to eat, I make it a point to have water (or sparkling water) with lemon before the meal and after the meal. I found this little trick helps me with my hunger pains. And, when I drink it right before meals it helps me eat moderately. Drinking water with lemon also helps me control my appetite when I drink it after a meal. In a way, I’m fooling my stomach to feel “full” and it helps me to avoid overeating. For some reason water with lemon fills me up enough that I stop overeating!  I also heard that water with lemon speeds up your metabolism, so I drink it every chance I get! If you struggle with hunger pains and overeating, try this trick. It will change your overeating habits.

It’s a way of life: Never a diet. Why restrictions don’t work

Here is another thought for you. What if you think about your eating habits as a way of life? Think about it as a different kind of lifestyle but never a diet. When you condition your mind to think this way, you won’t feel restricted. The word “diet” has a temporary and sometimes, negative connotation, so changing this around can really benefit you and help you reach all your nutritional goals.  Until I adopted this approach, I was stuck in “diet” world, always looking for that perfect diet. But, I could never find it! I always felt restricted with any nutritional regimen that I found. But, then I stopped thinking of it as a “diet.” Now, I think of my eating as a lifestyle, a way to nourish my body, my brain and my soul. As you know, all is interconnected. Therefore, if you eat the right foods and care about what’s in your food, you’ll feel how your brain and everything around you is affected, not just your body. I truly believe that food can affect your brain. Certain foods will help you stay alert and in focus; and others will do the exact opposite. It’s important to recognize how your food choices affect your brain and overall body. I decided to make my nutritional choices a lifestyle. So, I automatically stay away from certain foods. I don’t think about it twice. I don’t think about having one bite or stress myself about how bad a particular food is for me. I simply exclude it from my food options. I do have splurge days but I’m wise about my choices. I keep in mind that all my efforts made up to that point and throughout the week are important too. But, at the same time, I don’t want to restrict myself. If I really want a treat, then I evaluate the options and eat what I want for two meals a week. If I don’t think of restrictions, then I don’t feel like I’m in a limited diet program. Instead, I feel healthy, with plenty of options. I’m satisfied. Find a program that works for you. Make it a lifestyle, not a restrictive diet.

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