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Best Anti-Aging Potion

Women For Natural Living August 13, 2012 2 Comments on Best Anti-Aging Potion
Best Anti-Aging Potion

Can you count how many moisturizing creams, anti-aging serums and skin care regimens you have tried in your life? Programs that perhaps were too costly, too time consuming to use, or just too complicated to commit to? Well, let me tell you more about this natural anti-aging potion that it is easy to use and inexpensive to buy, all while achieving great results!

You may be doing all the right things, still with no visible or substantial results, but maybe you are missing one more piece to the puzzle. Perhaps you can incorporate one more step to your skin care routine to achieve ultimate results.  So, before you consider plastic surgery, Botox or very expensive creams and serums. I encourage you to check out this magic oil that I’ve been using for years.

I’m in my 40s and I’ve been using this oil for over 20 years. In addition, I adhere to a natural form of life that nourishes not only my skin but also the earth, my body and my soul. I truly believe it’s all interconnected so when I combine every aspect of my life, I have not only achieved overall happiness (I truly believe that living naturally makes me happier!) but also glowing, younger looking skin! With that said, as a consumer, anytime I buy a product, I evaluate and make choices that are good for all involved.

There are a few oils to pick from that work well for the skin, my favorite is “wheat germ oil” This magic oil is considered a carrier oil with high nutrient content. The most important characteristics of wheat germ oil are:

  • High in vitamin E
  • Antioxidant to help moisturize, nourish and regenerate tissue of the skin
  • Contains protein, minerals and other vitamins

Oils are not a new concept in skin care, there are countless articles that talk about how oils are beneficial to your skin. But I have personal experience with this oil and I recommend it!

My extensive experience is with wheat germ oil. The point in sharing this article with you is to let you know my experience and the success I’ve had with wheat germ oil. The information I’m providing to you is that a pure carrier oil, without additives, chemicals nor a hefty price tag, can work as an anti-aging agent and moisturize your skin naturally. Wheat germ oil has worked wonders for my skin, and also for other people that have tried it and use it regularly.  You may want to try wheat germ oil, or you may want to experiment with different oils. I sometimes use other oils: safflower oil and almond oil. Both are available organically from the link I’m providing above (and through our site) but I’m an advocate of wheat germ oil. In my experience, I feel it’s the best oil to maintain youthful skin and to treat and prevent facial fine lines.

I personally use and buy organic products when possible. Organic wheat germ oil is very difficult to find, even if you do find it, it’s probably not “certified” organic. The process to obtain pure wheat germ oil in an organic manner is very complex, time consuming and expensive. I’ve been doing research for years. So, I searched for the next best thing, finding the most natural and eco-friendly wheat germ oil I could find.

Wheat germ oil from the link above, is the purest you’ll find. Where and whom I buy from is very important to me, this company offers top of the line, high quality oils, creams and other great natural and organic products that support my lifestyle. They offer the best wheat germ oil I have ever found, plus they recycle, are very ecologically friendly and are a zero waste company. All important components of whom I choose to buy from. For those of you who are ready to try it, I recommend this company because it is the most natural, herbal, organic company I know and researched.

My goal is to share my experience with women all over the world with the hope that people find my suggestions useful and valuable. We have the right to know what natural anti-aging products and practices are available to take care of our skin and that are available for our overall well-being. I also want women all over the world to understand that maintaining healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle is completely affordable, and of course free of harsh chemicals and full of common sense! Remember our inner health is just as important as our outer health. I encourage you to investigate, explore and try wheat germ oil!

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