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Challenging Situations

Women For Natural Living January 7, 2013 No Comments on Challenging Situations
Challenging Situations

Challenging Situations

By Marcela Owen

When we set goals, or any other time in our lives, we face challenging times, that’s part of life. How we react to challenging situations influences our thoughts, our feelings and our stress levels. It’s so important to seek wisdom in challenging situations, rather than complain. It is wiser to face the problem and find a solution, as well as embrace it head on and make it a project! If you think of a particular problem as a “project”, then you allow yourself to pull yourself out of the situation and gain clarity. You open yourself to the opportunity to think outside of the box and find a solution as if you are someone else’s advisor.

Tune in to your wisdom’s frequency and use tools like discipline, grace, love and patience. I learned to take a fair-minded and tolerant approach when dealing with these challenges. Take an astute approach to always focus on enhancing your interpersonal relationships. Interacting with other people and consulting with people that you trust can help you cope and find a reasonable solution faster. I’m more of a private person, but I have a few friends that I trust and whose opinion I value and consider. Make an effort to reach out to other human beings and creatively solve the issue at hand. I consider challenges, a set of lessons. With that said, I know from personal experience how hard it can be to accept these “lessons”. And to understand “why me?” and “why I have to go through this?” is even more difficult.  It’s difficult but I know that the more I learn from tough situations, the more I improve my patience levels, increase my wisdom and the better I can navigate through life. My primary goal is to reach healing and restoration so my heart can mend and continue moving forward.  Remember that the choices we make in life have consequences, and also that there is a purpose for every challenge that comes into our lives.  Keep in mind that the purpose of these challenges is to build character and to make us spiritually stronger. I’ve learned that the “art of living” includes doing what is right, just and fair. Throughout life we will face various “tests”, testing our patience, our compassion, our love, and much more. Use these situations to refine you, to cleanse you and purify you. If we handle these situations with a bad attitude, we’ll create impurities in our heart. Impurities in your heart and your character may translate into impurities in your health, body and soul.  Always consider the fact that our external world affects our internal world, it is all interconnected.  Pay attention to lessons that life brings you and lessons that you are destined to learn. Embrace the opportunity to learn and strive to become a better person all around. I have learned to build up endurance, be more patient, love more, give more, have a better attitude and appreciate what I do have.

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