Women For Natural Living

Community Outreach

We all know that giving is the most rewarding gesture in the world. As human beings we love receiving gifts, but isn’t it so much more meaningful, impactful and exciting when we give to someone else?

At Women For Natural Living, we believe that giving is a necessary part of our mission, an opportunity to share kindness and love. We commit to spreading the word about several non-profit organizations that are making an impact in the world and that need your support.

I encourage you to check out the organizations below and take action. Send your gift via donations or by volunteering but make a contribution! The idea is to become involved in your community, participate in something meaningful to you.  Every action, big or small, makes a difference.

Remember that the opportunities to give and serve your community and the world are endless. Whether you are interested in any of the organizations below or find your own, keep in mind that a generous person will always prosper because when you give, you also receive.  We hope you are motivated to help because when you promote peace, you receive peace and joy in return.

To your philanthropic journey!

 Great green community idea

This organization promotes trash pickup. The 1st Saturday of the month is the cornerstone of the ZeroTrash movement.  It’s a monthly open house event which rallys resident “adopters” to local businesses to “Pick-Up” the streets around them. Everyone is welcome. Parents, children, students, friends, neighbors, church groups, clubs, soccer teams, even those rowdy guys down the street!

Join them on the 1st Saturday of every month between 10AM  & 12 Noon to pick up the streets and cash in on some great discounts all around town as a thank you for your activism.

They provide ZeroTrash Picker, bags, gloves and hook-ups on food, drinks, clothing, yoga & more at their Storefront Supporter locations. Check out their website at www.zerotrash.org for opportunities in your area or to start your own zero trash movement!

Another way to support our environment and take action

This organization’s mission is to bring people together to create local solutions for a healthy planet. Acterra is an environmental non-profit based in the Silicon Valley.

Acterra provides people with tangible, hands-on activities they can do to improve the environment. All of their work is solution-oriented. They offer several thousand volunteer opportunities each year for adults and youth. Because people get excited by different things, they offer a broad range of programs, from habitat restoration to carbon reduction and more. As importantly, they teach people how to become effective environmental change agents in their communities, neighborhoods, workplaces and schools. In addition to empowering thousands of people in their local communities, our programs serve as models that others can emulate elsewhere. To get involved and/or donate visit: www.acterra.org

Why should we all help families become strong and stable?

Taxpayers cost of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing is $112 Billion a Year

These programs motivate families to thrive

Their mission is to inspire healthy relationships for men, women and children.  Their vision is to inspire men, women and children to dream and imagine feeling safe to share our emotional needs for bonding through Evidence Based Programs (EBP) in relationship education that provides practical skills that work. This helps create strong and stable families and healthy relationships which prevent social instability.

They believe that healthy relationships are essential to society and families. Men, women and children have a natural need for bonding, unfortunately, most people do not know the difference between toxic and healthy love. Therefore, Miracles For Families, through evidence based programs, is able to teach practical skills that make families happier and ease stress, enable effective communication, and educate people about self-care and the use of fair fighting techniques.

They believe that children are our future and a gift to our society. They believe that it’s not only the parent’s responsibility but also, friends, family and mentors are accountable to children for raising, shaping and preparing them with healthy relationship skills.

They accomplish their mission through Evidence Based Programs (EBP) which have been proven to be best practices in marriage, families and fatherhood involvement.

To donate or get involved in this meaningful organization visit: www.miraclesforfamilies.org

This foundation inspires you to take action

The Unstoppable Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to bringing education and sustainability to people in developing nations.

Their mission is to ensure that every child has access to the lifelong gift of an education thereby building a thriving, just and sustainable world. Their goal: to lift 100,000 children and their families out of extreme poverty through education and sustainable community development by year-end 2014.

They inspire and empower individuals and groups to give and raise money to fund projects consistent with their mission. They also utilize in-country partners with proven track records to implement the projects. They leverage individual donations by “pooling” them to focus on key outreach projects that produce far greater impact than individual gifts.

In just three short years, they have founded 22 classrooms in three African nations that will empower 71,960 children over the next 20 years with the life-long gift of an education and a real future. They have accomplished a lot in a short period. Yet, there are 120 million children worldwide without access to an education.

They will not stop until every child on the planet has access to education – they are Unstoppable. To help them achieve this goal visit: www.unstoppablefoundation.org