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Do You Smoke?

Women For Natural Living December 10, 2012 No Comments on Do You Smoke?
Do You Smoke?

At some level, whether we are men or women, we take care of our skin. Some of us may spend more time with our daily skin care routine than others. Some may follow a strict step by step skincare regimen. While others may just wash their face with soap in the shower and call it a day. I’m a minimalist when it comes to skin care. Personally, I don’t like to use heavy creams, toners, cleansers etc. And I definitely don’t want complicated instructions or too many steps! I’m too busy and I get bored easily! So, based on my research and experience I came up with my own routine. A simple routine that anyone can follow, I talked about that last week. This week I talk about smoking.


Or should I go ahead and call this section “no smoking”? Throughout history, I understand that the media did a great job in brainwashing people into thinking that smoking was “cool” and that the health consequences were not that bad. However, today, with the internet and a myriad of other technologies, we have access to more candid information. The opportunity to conceal the truth for the sake of making a profit it is no longer the case. People are smarter with access to so much information, that we can literally find any information about any subject that we want.  So my thoughts on smoking are not surprising: Smoking is bad! I think most smokers may even be aware of this fact. The question is why do they still smoke? This opens up topics such as addiction, denial and ignorance. I break down smokers into 3 categories:

  1. It’s simply an addiction – There’s a cigarette addiction, the smoker understands that they have an addiction. They’ve tried to quit smoking but they can’t, the      addiction is stronger that their will power. So they continue to smoke.
  2. The denial stage – The smoker believes in their head, that cigarettes are not that bad, and that we are all exposed to countless other contaminants anyways, and that      we are all exposed to something bad stemming from many different sources.  This excuse, gives this type of smoker “permission” to continue smoking with valid justification.
  3. The ignorance stage – Whether legitimate or not, some smokers may pledge that smoking is not bad for you, or perhaps they simply just don’t want to admit it. They      argue that other things are bad for you too, for example sugar, salt and alcohol. Their view is that everyone has a vice. Smoking is theirs.

If you smoke, my advice regarding smoking is to stop now! And if you don’t smoke, don’t ever get started. It is such a detriment to your body and skin as well as a very smelly habit that stinks up your clothes, your car, your home, your hands and everything around you. I can always tell when someone smokes, because when you walk by them, hug them or pass by anywhere they’ve been, you can smell it. The smell lingers and it’s highly pungent. The bottom line is that, to achieve you utmost natural lifestyle is to stay away from the habit of smoking. You will look younger, stay healthier and smell so much better!

If you are interested in taking care of your skin in the most pure, organic and natural manner, you must stay away from cigarettes. Other than damaging your lungs, and potentially cause a myriad of other health conditions, it will ruin your skin. Smoking causes wrinkles around the mouth and the eyes and it causes an overall “tired” look on your face. I encourage a smoke-free lifestyle to achieve the most youthful, fresh and natural skin ever.

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