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Goal Setting and Self Empowerment

Women For Natural Living August 6, 2012 7 Comments on Goal Setting and Self Empowerment
Goal Setting and Self Empowerment

When setting goals, I have a vision in mind to start fresh, with new ideas and a brand new attitude. Why not reinvent yourself, transform yourself, savor life and take the opportunity to take charge of your life NOW. Focus on your goals and projects, the possibilities are limitless. Strive high, it’s your time to shine and flourish.

Don’t get caught up in your current situation, start with a new canvas and paint the life you want and desire. Don’t let anything stop you, our minds are ultra-imaginative, dig in and create the most amazing life you long for. Our minds are notoriously known for challenging us in many ways, let’s use our minds to manifest what we want in life. We are the only ones that can truly hold ourselves accountable. Our journey to accomplish any goal requires considerable effort, we owe ourselves to ensure that we will finish our goals and aspirations.

But how do you get started? Here are a couple of steps that I use to start:

  1. Find a place where      you can experience a few minutes of silence to collect your thoughts.
  2. Write down what you      want in general terms – health, finances, love, etc.
  3. Work each one if      more detail – write a few sentences for each one.
  4. Make mini – plans      for each one

Write things down keeps you motivated and engaged, make it a working document and remember to live in the present. Be present, don’t think about the past or future, stick to today. Sometimes when we dwell on the past or worry about the future our minds get stuck. We want to be as clear as possible. Put lots of effort and discipline. Keep doing it, never give up! Make it a priority, make it part of your daily routine, even if you are working it in your mind for a few minutes.  This is a very important step in the foundation of fulfilling your goals and dreams. It’s important to stay optimistic and never complain, see the light and the positive in everything.

Don’t let anyone or anything convince you that your dreams and aspirations are not doable. And especially don’t listen to your own mind – that can sometimes create excuses and reasons for you to quit. Don’t let it happen, choose to move that aside and stick to your project.  Have the courage to overcome excuses and negativity, commit to moving forward. Live above your circumstances there’s always a bigger picture, a different perspective.

Plant seeds and water them… reap what you sow!

It’s so important to seek wisdom in challenging situations, rather than complain. Face the problem and find a solution, again embrace it and make it a project! Tune in to your wisdom’s frequency and use tools like discipline, grace, love and patience. Take a fair-minded and tolerant approach when dealing with these challenges, simply focus on enhancing your interpersonal relationships.

Make an effort to reach out to other human beings and creatively solve this issue. I know how hard it can be to accept these “lessons” and understand why “me” and why I have to go through this… It’s difficult, but I know that the more I learn from tough situations, the more I improve my wisdom approach and the better I can navigate through life. The primary goal is to reach healing and restoration. Remember that the choices we make in life have consequences but that there’s a purpose for every challenge that comes into our lives.

Explore corners of your heart, you may need to let go of some principles surrounding your ego, pride, selfishness, grudges, etc. The issue in life is not your trial, trouble or challenge. It’s how we respond to it. Be happy! No matter what, never feel sorry for yourself, there’s always a solution. Rejoice in the midst of hard times. Have faith and trust that your life circumstances are taking you through the journey you are supposed to experience. It’s difficult and sometimes we don’t understand it, but again you have to trust and believe that it is all coming together for the good.

Be happy and celebrate your life. Be strong, don’t fear, look forward NOW. Two key words to remember are “be patient” and stay positive. It really works. Leave your “old” ways and search for new ways to approach life. I’m done with my old ways and I’m ready for a new, improved life with new concepts and ideas. Remove every self-centered, selfish attitude from your heart and mind. Start to shape and create your life in an outward fashion!

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