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Green Initiatives Keep the World a Brighter Place

Green Initiatives Keep the World a Brighter Place

By Sam Marquit

Traveling all over the world has always been a dream of mine. For many years, I worked as an independent contractor but recently moved into commercial contracting. It’s incredible to see all of the green initiatives affecting businesses throughout the world. One of the most prominent industries that I’ve seen change is the hotel industry. Most hotels try to use recyclable products and organic food, but there are other policies and practices that hotels can enact. These are just a few of the amazing green initiatives that I admire and the hotels that have been making a difference in America.

When you award businesses for doing something for the community or environment, business owners often feel inspired to do more. The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards offer business recognition for certain categories. Businesses win awards for things like community engagement, resource efficiency, wildlife protection, cultural preservation and a variety of other things. Every year, businesses work hard to involve greener practices as well as social welfare and humanitarian acts that really give them a different perspective on how they can benefit the community and planet. I really hope that these types of awards can become as big as movie awards shows in America. It would be amazing to celebrate green business all over the world.

In addition to the different green programs, green facilities continue to be built at a rapid pace. It’s not every day that you see 60,000 bees above your hotel. Well, you don’t see the bees at the Ritz-Carlton in North Carolina either, but they do exist. That’s because the Ritz-Carlton built a rooftop garden that includes two beehives, which is home to as many as 60,000 bees. These bees help pollinate the local flora and fauna, and they also provide some incredibly fresh honeycomb for the restaurant’s chefs. The hotel also uses recyclable products, low flowing toilets and water saving showerheads.

In Las Vegas, there are millions of travelers each year. As you can imagine, every hotel advertises how luxurious and accommodating they are, but there aren’t too many that can claim they are the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America.” That award recently went to the Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort. This hotel is inspiring to me as a contractor because they do so much that other hotels should do to conserve energy and reuse resources. They have a self-sustaining facility with solar panels and a water-recycling program, and they also have a waste reuse policy. If other hotels could just incorporate one of these practices, it would be so beneficial for our planet.

Working as a commercial contractor during this time and age is really inspiring. You can see how businesses are changing, and the innovation in green technology is simply phenomenal. Businesses must continue this trend, much like the new green Las Vegas hotels are. These hotels are continuing to develop new and innovative practices and materials. If more businesses become more innovative and committed to the environment, future generations will be able to enjoy the planet like we did.

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