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Inspirational Innate Intelligence

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Inspirational Innate Intelligence

By Sandra Hanna, DC, Lac

By the time I graduated college, I was definitely a little lost about which route to take for my career. Being a pre-med major, I was on the road to taking my MCAT’s, applying for medical school, and becoming one of many medical doctors in my family. But something just didn’t feel right about that route. A family friend, who happened to be a chiropractor, told me that I should check out her field, and gave me a book to read, Chiropractic First. This book talked all about chiropractic and its philosophy. I gobbled the book up in one afternoon. I was sold. I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The book talked about these terms called innate intelligence and turning on your healing capabilities and so forth. At the time, I didn’t fathom the full definitions of these terms, but if this was something I could help people achieve, I was so down for establishing a career based on that!

So, I packed my bags, moved back to my parent’s house, and started chiropractic school within two weeks of picking up that fateful book.

My education in chiropractic school consisted of gross anatomy classes, physiology, biomechanics, neurology, nutrition, massage therapy, and lots and lots of chiropractic technique. In our last years, we had to perform many hours of chiropractic adjustments in the clinic. We did get a little philosophy thrown in, but I did not fathom the meaning of innate intelligence until I started practice.

In private practice, seeing so many different people, day in and day out, you can start to feel the pulse and rhythm of different conditions. But in essence, a vertebral misalignment can cause dysfunction to the nervous system, dysfunction to the joint, and lots and lots of pain. What a chiropractic adjustment does is put that vertebrae back into alignment with the rest of the spine, thereby diminishing or completely taking away the dysfunction to the joint, eliminating or diminishing the pain, and eliminating the dysfunction in the nervous system. A chiropractic adjustment connects you back to your central nervous system. That is why you sometimes feel tingling and numbness in your hands and elbows if your neck is out of alignment. There is a dis-connect. Like a beaver dam built along a stream, leaving only a trickle of water through, a misaligned vertebrae blocks your nerve flow to your surrounding tissues, and downstream to your arms, legs, hands and feet. The chiropractic adjustment takes the “dam” away, allowing for more “flow.”

Let’s go back to that interesting term, innate intelligence. Everyone is born with the ability to heal. With every trauma we endure, that born healing ability diminishes. These traumas can be major, like car accidents, or they can be minor, like repetitive trauma of sitting with improper posture at the computer all day long.  Going to the chiropractor and getting one’s spine aligned is just one way you can optimize this innate healing. This great gift of healing that we all have is called innate intelligence.

In essence, going to the chiropractor’s is not just about going to get your back “cracked.” It’s not about feeling better from all the pain you’ve been enduring all those years. It’s not even about having a better golf game afterward, although that is a definite plus. The most important reason for going to your chiropractor’s office is getting connected to that amazing ability to heal yourself … your innate intelligence.

Try chiropractic. You won’t be disappointed.

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