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Women For Natural Living April 30, 2012 No Comments on Green Kids Corner
Green Kids Corner

Cell phones – Latest trend among kids.

Read what the experts are saying about potential dangers:

  • Bulling- Bullies are using texting to spread malicious gossip
  • Unlimited internet access – May encounter predators and inappropriate subjects
  • Distractions from school – May tempt kids to cheat and deviate from school work
  • Away from family time – Discouraging more important activities like playing outside!
  • Exposure to radiation  – Can have dangerous effect on developing young brains
  • Health effects – Including sleep disruption, headaches and fatigue
  • Costly “toy” – By downloading images, games, over texting, over minutes allowance

Many nations are actually banning or limiting cell phone use for kids (France, Russia, Israel, India, and Germany are among some of them).  You and I survived just fine without cell phones, you know where your kids are and they should have access to a land line should an emergency arise. I understand that we want to reward our kids with the latest trends and toys, but we also have the responsibility to encourage what is safe and healthy… even if it is difficult to say “no” some times.  As parents, you will make the ultimate decision but it is important to stay informed about potential dangers of cell phone use among children.

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