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My Commitment To Go Organic

Women For Natural Living September 10, 2012 1 Comment on My Commitment To Go Organic
My Commitment To Go Organic

I personally decided to consume organic for many reasons that I mentioned on previous newsletters but I want to express why it’s so important for me to follow an organic lifestyle. It is probably nearly impossible to adopt a lifestyle that is one hundred percent organic so I mix it up a bit. The myth is that organic products are too expensive to keep up with. That may be true for some brands but certainly not all brands. Going organic is my goal, but if I don’t find organic foods and products then at least I make sure it has a green component, environmental awareness or natural factor. I also look at price, because I am by nature, frugal (my husband can attest to that – he nicked named me: “wedontneed” and jokes about buying me a t-shirt and hat engraved: wedontneed! Only because when he wants to buy something I often say: we don’t need (it), I just don’t like to waste!) So you can trust my take on pricing, I am frugal and careful about how I spend money. I will not purchase or honor ridiculously expensive organic, natural or green products. I do think it’s important to spend a reasonable amount, not only because I want to consume pure, clean products but also because my philanthropic side wants to give. But I don’t like gimmicks and I don’t like people gauging other people. With that said, I think it’s important to support local markets, green small business and environmental entrepreneurship. A pet peeve of mine is when a small, organic or natural company is acquired by a large conglomerate. It makes my stomach turn because I fear that the quality of the product may dwindle because now profits and return on investment become a priority and very important milestones to meet. As opposed to the passion and care that inspired the founder to start the company. I’m not saying all large companies are the same, but it is reality and a concept to ponder.

Learning about organic consumption is important, taking action is even more important. I know some of you may be overwhelmed with the idea of always buying organic but it can be easy. You and your family will not only eat healthier and feel great but you will also support local farmers in your area! Check out the link below for a great company that delivers organic veggies and fruits right to your front door. For a special discount, tell them Marcela Owen sent you and enter code: 6164.

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I pay attention to labels and make it a point to learn about popular labels and logos when I make purchases. I like to educate my readers so I created a list of the most popular labels and certifications that indicate green, organic, environmentally and socially conscious entities. Go to: http://www.womenfornaturalliving.com/eco-links/ I encourage you to research further depending on what is important to you. Organic is important to me, so if I have a choice to purchase organic versus conventional produce and the price is reasonable, then I will always opt for organic. Other times when I shop, if organic is not an option but “fair trade” is an option, I will buy a product that is fairly traded because I care about social equality and fairness.

In order to stay informed, it’s important to learn how to read labels. Why should we care about these labels? Because I believe it is important to know where our food and products we use come from, what’s in them, how were they made and/or grown, what is the quality of the ingredients and how do the companies that sell and store these products operate. We all want to take care of ourselves in the best way possible and with that said, we have the responsibility of keeping ourselves informed. And of course, share this information with our families, our friends and our communities. Explore, learn, and buy what YOU really want for you and your family. It’s all about options and knowledge, make your choices wisely! Take a look at the labels listed on the link above and research further before you make purchases if you have questions or concerns about any of these.

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  1. Brittany H Martin September 14, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    It was a excitement locating your site yesterday. I came here right hoping to learn something new. And I was not dissatisfied. Your well thought out ideas for new events like this. Thank you for this idea and sharing your knowledge.

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