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No Matter What, Always Think: Joy

Women For Natural Living February 11, 2013 No Comments on No Matter What, Always Think: Joy
No Matter What, Always Think: Joy

By Marcela Owen

From time to time, I suggest partaking in a thorough self-assessment period to focus on “forward” thinking. Take time to examine yourself and define how to move forward because you only have one life to live! Remember to always stay peaceful no matter what.  No matter what challenges life brings you, keep joy in your heart and soul. The key to staying healthy, young and looking fresh is to not let outside chaos and circumstances nor people affect your well-being and inner peace. Go with the flow and embrace whatever situation you are experiencing. All circumstances that we experience happen for a reason, delving into the details of any situation that you are facing will give you clarity to take the adequate steps to reach resolution. When we focus on the solution, the problem doesn’t seem like such a “problem”. We cannot let outside forces and circumstances out of our control mold us or manipulate us. You are in control and you have the solution within you. We are intuitive beings and we are capable of reaching resolution, no matter what we are facing.  A few guidelines to keep in mind when creating goals and facing tribulations of life:

  • Love more – Add genuine love to everything you do and convey love to everyone in your life.
  • Let it go! – Let go of all negativity, make a conscious effort to live your life in a positive light.
  • Stop repainting negative experiences in your head – Start with a clean canvas and stay optimistic.
  • Base goals with less of self, ego and pride – Nurturing the self is automatic with selfless acts.
  • No more clutter – Working on mental and physical de-clutter is essential to create room for new endeavors.
  • Stay true to who you are – Don’t hide from who you are, including strengths and weaknesses.
  • Encourage more – praise, love, inspire, give confidence and use kind words.
  • React peacefully to difficult situations and difficult people – Be less critical and less defensive.


Well-being sometimes requires us to evaluate a situation and release it to the earth, God, and the universe, especially when we feel overwhelmed to deal with it. It’s time to allow a higher power to take it and resolve it for us. Releasing pain and problems is a wise step to take toward resolution. Pick wisdom. Wisdom will always stand out. If you look for wisdom you will find it.

I’ve learned to use wisdom to watch my tongue and control my speech because I know that what I say could cause havoc and sometimes irreversible damage. Pulling back from saying what I want to say or to just hold back my opinions is extremely difficult. I’m a vocal person with strong opinions about many subjects. I have to make a conscious effort to zip it so the wrong words don’t come out. Unfortunately, I’m not always successful with this tactic, and I find myself having diarrhea of the mouth quite often. The good news is that I recognize it and I take action to make it better and apologize to the people that were affected or even offended in the process.

Another poisonous action is to gossip. Gossip does nothing but cause turmoil, even if what we say appears insignificant or not a big deal. Gossip never brings anything positive. I stay away from gossip as much as possible, unfortunately, sometimes I get caught up in the middle of gossip. And sometimes I’m tempted to participate. I tell myself that gossip brings negativity and I make every attempt to walk away from it. Sometimes I diligently need to talk myself out of it by putting myself in other people’s shoes and then connecting myself to the spiritual world, moving away from the earthly world. I remember one instance a while back when I came across a very odd individual. I had only met him a few times, and in all reality I didn’t even know him that well at all. His demeanor was strange and made me uncomfortable. I never really knew why, I just wasn’t comfortable around him. I worked with him so I had to have some verbal contact with him. Shortly after I met him, I discovered that other folks felt the same way. At times around my work friends, I wanted to comment negatively about him or participate in other people’s gossip. I heard nicknames that were given to him and also quite a bit of negative criticism toward him. In this situation, I made a pact with myself that no matter how much I wanted to comment, laugh and agree with what people were saying, I would make a conscious effort to stay quiet or simply walk away. I also, promised myself to never initiate gossip of any kind, big or small, about anyone.

My advice is to avoid gossipers and rumors and not respond to gossip at all. Instead I attempt to move the conversation into a different direction. It is always a wise move to view difficult situations as our “teachers” and always take a step back before we respond, especially if we are in the middle of a discussion involving gossip of any kind. Pull out tools from your toolbox of life to combat these kinds of situations. I think joy and love are powerful tools that when used frequently will bring peace to every situation.

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