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Wheat Germ Oil

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Wheat Germ Oil

This page is specially designed to share green, natural, organic products and services with our readers. Women For Natural Living makes a commitment to include products and services that are high in quality from companies that have a commitment to enrich our souls, contribute to the environment and respect all involved. As with any purchase, we encourage you to explore, investigate and decide whether your purchase is the right fit for you. Whether you shop organic, natural or fair trade, I encourage you to make your purchases wisely.

Happy shopping to all!





As mentioned in our Natural Skin Care For Life guide, this link will take you to purchase our secret anti-aging potion: Wheat Germ Oil. This ultra-rich, unrefined Wheat Germ oil is a great ingredient high in natural source vitamins and proteins. As mentioned in the guide, Wheat Germ Oil may be applied externally for roughness of the skin, cracking, to minimize the appearance of scars and to help reverse / prevent the effects of wrinkling.



This link will take you to an amazing shopping experience. Established in 1987, this zero waste company is an advocate of organic farming and offers the most natural products on the planet.


They have always put an emphasis on conducting business in an ethical, responsible, clear, and ecological way; hoping to pave a medium for other blossoming green companies. As mentioned, they are major supporters of organic agriculture. They are proud to always guarantee the absolute best in quality organic herbal products at very competitive prices.

Check out the link above for body care products, essential oils, teas, herbs and more!


Natural Skin Care For Life is a complimentary guide offered by Marcela Owen, Founder of WomenForNaturalLiving.com.  Click on the link to receive your complimentary copy.

This guide offers valuable information for anyone that is interested in following a quick and easy guide to a skin care routine that is natural, inexpensive and that really works. It even reveals a natural secret potion that you can incorporate in your day-to-day skin care routine!


Farm fresh to you is the best way to get your organic veggies! This is a fantastic program to receive organic fruits and vegetables. Simply access the site, enter your zip code, then make your box selection and delivery frequency. I especially love the option to exclude fruits and veggies that you dislike; they replace it with something different! For a special discount, tell them Marcela Owen sent you and enter code: 6164. Visit: www.farmfreshtoyou.com

(Delivery restrictions apply based on zip codes – check website to confirm delivery options in your area)



If you are looking for the ultimate store to buy everything green you should explore the link above. The vendors behind this link are carefully selected, the company considers the following when choosing to carry a vendor: can this product reduce the public’s use of petroleum products; lower landfill contribution either through bio-degradability, pre-cycle and recycle usage; and lowering chemical exposure by providing naturally made alternatives?

The first priority whenever possible is to find sustainably made products here in the US. More than 50% of these products are US made and they have a commitment to increasing that percentage. They prefer to carry products made out of recycled materials created in an environmentally friendly way; like their reclaimed wood furniture, recycled water bottle felt pillows, and junk mail greeting cards.

They also choose to carry a lot of products that are handmade by small family owned companies. One of the many reasons they love small companies is because their products tend to be handmade at the time the order is placed so there are no large warehouses of inventory sucking up energy. Explore the options and shop while caring for the earth!

From time to time they have promotions for new customers, use promo code: newcustomer to save 20% off your first order!



The mission of this company is to inspire more people to embrace a natural approach to complete family wellness. They are committed to ensuring the quality of their products, they start with whole herbs, wild crafted where possible, and use the Full Spectrum Method to create remedies that are more effective and have the fewest side effects. Their remedies are also free of gluten, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and are never tested on animals. They take pride in building trust, they manufacture according to the highest pharmaceutical standards, in FDA registered facilities, according to the principals of cGMP.

One of their goals is to provide information and education. They educate customers on the benefits of holistic living and provide unbiased, factual and timely information so that  customers can make informed decisions. They also work hard on attracting responsible partners with similar core values. Click on the link above to review the site and explore the options!



Just like us, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution, poor nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of illnesses and conditions that are very similar to those experienced by people.

So why not care for our pets the best way possible and incorporate safe, effective natural solutions especially designed for pets. In many cases, natural remedies for humans are used with great effect for the pets in the family and this company created remedies especially formulated for pets, with pet-friendly doses and remedies which could be easily administered. Explore the link above to learn about a range of herbal and homeopathic remedies to help with a variety of ailments commonly experienced by dogs, cats, horses, and small pets.

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