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Who Is Your Buddy?

Women For Natural Living March 31, 2013 No Comments on Who Is Your Buddy?
Who Is Your Buddy?

By Marcela Owen

Part of my regular routine in using the best tools to enrich my life experience is to fall in love with something or someone. Fall in love with hobbies, films, books, music, actual humans, or pets, or plants, or anything else. All options are available, whether human or not, simply opt to fall in love with something or someone that you can rely on to bring you joy to your life. The options are limitless. Perhaps it is a place where you like to meditate, a place that is quiet and serene, a place that in return reciprocates peace. Or it may be a place where you find solitude, where you can truly focus your energy on you and your surroundings. Or perhaps it is a loved one that you trust implicitly, that you feel comfortable talking to about any subject and idea. In my case, my pet Buddy is that sanctuary. Sadly, my Buddy passed this week. Buddy was my kitty, he was 16 years old and he was my unconditional companion. If I had a hard day or if a challenge presented in my life, I paid extra attention to Buddy. I truly believe that the benefits were mutual. He was a majorly attentive and affectionate being. So, I made it a point to pet him a little bit extra, to rub his neck for longer, he especially loved this area rubbed, or gave him his favorite treat. Buddy’s memory will forever stay in my heart. Now, I’m searching for a new companion to find joy in.  The effects of doing, feeling and smelling what you love and enjoy are magical. Buddy loved to sunbathe, so kidding aside, watching him sleep in the sun made me smile! Buddy was simply one of my guilty pleasures! Of course I have meaningful relationships with friends and family that I treasure, I’m simply pointing out how the very simply act of petting your four-legged friend can release endorphins and give you positive energy.

I make it a point to only associate myself with positive surroundings, situations and people. It really doesn’t matter what you have experienced in the past, you can always find the positive in everything you do and come in contact with. It may be difficult to think this way, you may ask yourself – “I had a bad day, how could I possibly see the positive?” I truly believe you can! Our paths are designed for us to encounter situations that teach us lessons. No matter what, there’s a lesson involved. Once I understood this concept, I have been able to convert and transition negativity into a positive outcome or situation. I understand from personal experience that adopting these values is extremely challenging but once you make it a way of life and condition your mind to think this way, you will enhance your life experience to a level you didn’t think possible. Keep your attention on what you want to accomplish and on what makes you, as a unique individual, happy. Focus on your needs, goals and aspirations. No one else can define what you want better than YOU. No one else can identify your passions. Only YOU can. The message that I want to convey is that the ultimate goal is for you to feel good and at your best. The side effect of your feeling elated is good health, a strong body, an enlightened soul and in turn improved glowing skin.

The environment we live in and the people around us affect our life. I’ll say it again, it is so important to surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. I see it time and time again, how challenging relationships can turn out. Throughout the years, I have lived in the midst of rebellious relationships and I have also witnessed friends and family be consumed by challenging relationships. I’m a strong believer in that most relationships are salvageable but sometimes, when people get caught up in drama and negativity, it becomes difficult to move out of that relationship rut. Sometimes drama becomes the norm, and almost even a habit. A habit that is difficult to break and conquer. I have learned to live a joyous life, especially once I discarded the notion that other people had to make me happy. Most of my life I believed that other people were responsible for my happiness, whether I think of my father as I grew up, my grandparents when they helped raise me or any romantic relationship. I always thought it was somebody else’s responsibility to make me happy. Then I learned that it’s all within oneself.

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