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Why Detox? Part 1

Women For Natural Living July 16, 2012 No Comments on Why Detox? Part 1
Why Detox? Part 1

By Nancy Desjardins, R.N.C.P.

Now’s a great time to think about spring cleaning. And by this, I’m not just referring to your house or garage or worksite. I’m talking about natural ways to detox or cleanse the body—your “inner” house.

What do I mean by natural detox? I’m referring to organic ways to cleanse the body of toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and other pollutants. Now, there are a lot of detoxification products out there. Just browse the Internet and you’ll see an abundance of sites that offer any number of cleansing products. They come as beverages and in pill and powder form, and even as trans-dermal patches.

It can be confusing and a lot to absorb. The best advice I can offer is to choose a body detoxification method that’s natural and organic and that will work to enhance the body’s own detoxification systems, including the colon, gallbladder, and liver.

Here are five, simple, natural detox approaches that you can readily integrate into your health routine:

  • Juice fast – A juice fast is a natural way to activate your      internal cleansing process, and an ideal way to bring the vitality of raw,      organic fruit and vegetable juices into your diet. This natural detox      method not only eliminates toxic waste products from the body but also      promotes the nourishment of cells. And, the cleansing process gives your      body’s organs and glands a rest from the digestion and elimination      processes that they routinely perform.
  • Sweat It Out – What’s more natural than engaging in activities that      will sweat toxins out of your body. Go for a brisk walk, try bouncing on a      mini-trampoline, enjoy a really hot bath, or spend time in a sauna. Deep      sweating assists the skin, your largest organ of detoxification, in doing      its job properly.
  • “Dry Brush” Your Skin – Right before you take a bath      or shower, use a dry body brush to buff your skin. By removing dead skin      cells through a gentle massaging action, your skin will be warmed and      energized, which will help it to detoxify easily.
  • Drink Lots of Water – This is the most basic and      simplest approach to a natural detox. Make sure you begin your day with 1      or 2 glasses of warm, filtered water to replenish the fluids you lost      while you were sleeping. Then make sure you continue to hydrate yourself      with water regularly throughout the day.
  • Maintain a High-Fiber Diet – Eat lots of organic fruits      and vegetables like broccoli, beets, and apples, and other healthy,      high-fiber foods like black beans, quinoa, and brown rice. By consuming a      high-fiber diet, you’ll improve the functioning of your colon and keep      yourself regular.

The next time you clean your house, remember to cleanse your “inner house,” too, through a natural method of detoxification. You’ll improve the flow of your life immensely!

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Our bodies go through a tremendous amount of wear and tear on a daily basis, not only on the outside, but on the inside, as well. Just think about the toxic substances that enter your body through the foods you eat and drink, and the products you put on your skin. Add to that the pollutants in the air that you inhale every day, and you have a barrage of toxic substances that your body must regularly process.

Unfortunately, as amazing as our organs, glands, and systems are at dispelling waste from the body, it’s a job that requires extra support from time to time.

That’s because of the large amounts of sugar, saturated fats, processed foods, and chemicals we consume through our daily diets. And, if you routinely indulge in habits like smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, then you’re really giving your system a workout!

Now, some of you may be saying that you eat a mostly raw, organic diet; but even those foods have some level of debris that must be filtered by the body. That’s why it’s essential that you detoxify your body on a regular basis.

Think of it as a regular maintenance schedule that will allow your body a much needed rest from the daily grind of digestion and elimination. It’s not unlike the servicing you routinely schedule for your car.

You bring your car in for regular tune ups, don’t you? Well, your body is the vehicle you use every day to move you on your life path, and it’s the only one you’ll have in this lifetime; so you have to love and care for it!

That’s why I say that detoxifying your body is a self-loving gift and a demonstration of self-responsibility and self-care. A body detox unlocks and releases the energies that normally work to digest and eliminate food down in the stomach and intestines.

Because the body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest liquids during a detox, it can channel these energies to other areas of the body like the heart and the head, or your mental and emotional states.

A body detox is one of the best ways to avoid serious health conditions and diseases, while strengthening the functioning of your system, overall.

And remember that you can engage in natural methods of detoxification by consuming a diet that is high in fiber and low in fat; juice fasting; getting a colonic irrigation; sweating through exercise or through a hot bath or sauna; taking detoxifying herbs; or drinking plenty of filtered water.

Your body is exquisite with its own built-in, self-healing mechanism.

But remember to show it some love and give it support through regular body detoxification. It will strengthen your body by giving it proper rest, fuel, stimulation, and energy!

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