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Why Should I Exercise?

Women For Natural Living September 24, 2012 No Comments on Why Should I Exercise?
Why Should I Exercise?

In order to get excited about working out and get motivated, we need to train our minds to like it. It comes down to adjusting your frame of mind and adopting a “can do” attitude. Don’t let negativity enter you mind or even become an option. It’s similar to when you make other commitments that you know you’ll stick to. We all have commitments, when you have to pick up your son or daughter from school for example or an important meeting at work. Think of even simpler, every day activities like brushing your teeth, or taking a shower. Some people simply like to work out, it’s important to convince your mind that you love to workout. Even if it’s not true in the beginning, you can trick your mind into thinking you love it. And then action will follow! I’m one of those blessed ones that actually enjoys working out, exercising and breaking a sweat. I was lucky to inherit that rare gene. However, I sometimes struggle with building up energy to stay committed so I came up with some tools that help me motivate myself to go on and stay on track.  Some days are easier than others but for the most part these tools work. First of all, envision a fit YOU, no matter what stage you are in, no matter where you are in terms of meeting your goals. Love yourself today as you are today, it’s so important to accept yourself now. Your body and mind will appreciate it and work in a cohesive, unified front with you to meet your ultimate objectives. Exclude all negative thoughts, and think only “feel good” thoughts even if you don’t believe them at this time, even if they are pretend, even if someone else is telling you differently. You stick to positive thoughts like,

  • I’m going to feel energized when I’m done working out
  • I know exercising is good for me
  • It feels so good to take care of myself
  • I love the glow I’ll have after my workout
  • I love living a healthy lifestyle

These are some examples of positive affirmations and statements. You will come up with your own customized ones too. If any negative thoughts come to mind as you repeat these positive thoughts, simply say: No thanks.  And continue to focus on goodness, happiness, positive, joy, self love, etc. It may have been a while since you have focused on good, warm, joyful thoughts, so at first your mind may bring old thoughts back, that may be lurking in your subconscious back to your conscious, but don’t be afraid to kick them right out and move on with your new soulful positive self!

Find affirmations that feel good to you, personalize them and make them exciting. Make a decision today to make it part of your life, a lifestyle that you know will keep you healthy and full of energy.

What activity or activities you select can be totally customized by you. I love harder workouts, so I selected spin and kickboxing, occasional weights and elliptical. But everyone is different and all of us have our own preferences. There are so many kinds of workouts today that they can accommodate everyone’s needs and styles. Investigate your options, go online, check out your local gyms or exercise studios, take a look at fitness magazines, there are countless resources for you to peruse. If you like a softer workout, walking may be a good start, perhaps a light yoga class that focuses on stretching, or light swimming. You want to definitely find your niche and then find ways to modify your workouts so they don’t became monotonous. The goal is to stay motivated, excited and committed.

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